BeccaPR is a creative marketing agency with offices in NYC + LA. We believe in the power of elegant PR — that which is largely invisible. We have a strong foundation in creative storytelling and concept consulting. We are selective and critical. We are quick and nimble and responsive not only to our clients’ needs but to the world outside. We raise powerful awareness for those we’re lucky enough to work with through word-of-mouth, social media, digital marketing, events, strategic partnerships and thoughtful PR, the rarest kind.


how we do it


Digital + IRL word of mouth

Strategic counsel

Creative planning + message development

Expert media relations

Thoughtful press materials development

Industry introductions + brand partnerships

Crisis communications

Marketing campaigns

Development + evaluation of logos, branding + collateral


Establish SM personality + presence

Photography + content creation

Successfully leverage Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat + more with smart, tailored organic + paid SM campaigns

Ensure consistent messaging + measurable results

Leverage established influencer network

Website, blog + newsletter development + post construction


Restaurant concept development

Chef selection + menu tastings

Key employee recommendations

Competitive analysis

Menu analysis, pricing + design

Project management


Track record of producing stellar (creative + effective) events

Concept brainstorming, creation + execution

Superior media results